Home For A Home

Home For A Home is driven by the belief that the security of a safe, solid home, provides hope and can be the catalyst for dramatic change in people's lives. Members are socially conscious real estate professionals who donate a portion of their commissions to sustainably fund the construction of homes for people in need. Currently, Home For A Home is making improvements in Guatemala.  For every transaction with Sherry Ramzi at Golden Gate Sotheby's, a percentage goes to this cause.


Patzan Muñoz Family

This family has 5 members. Paula is a single mother. She has two daughters and two sons. The oldest son, Kevin is a teacher and her oldest daughter Evelyn is in high school. This is exceptional in that many people in Guatemala never make it past 6th grade. Her youngest son Oscar is in 3rd grade and the baby of the family, Anyeli will complete Kindergarten this year. Paula works to support her family doing different chores like cleaning houses, washing clothes and other things earning around Q35 ($4) per day.

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