Top Agent Network

Top Agent Network is an exclusive, online collaboration of the Top 150 agents in Marin County. As a client of a TAN member, you get access to non-MLS local real estate information and are able to leverage the collective intelligence of the best agents in the local market. Other competitive advantages include:

  • Early access to upcoming and off-market listings before the public has the opportunity to consider them.

  • As a buyer, the ability to announce your specific buying objectives to home sellers – even those sellers who have not yet officially decided to sell.

  • Access to a community of proven agents whose collective experience allow deals to transact quickly and reliably.

  • Referrals to the proven best service providers in your area.

  • Instant answers to your unique real estate questions.

  • 3rd party verification of top 10% sales ranking and excellent industry reputations.

Almost every real estate agent claims to be the best. TAN members can actually prove it.

Only the verified top 10% get in

Numbers don't lie. TAN analyzes closed residential sales data to make sure every agent they accept is ranked within the top 10% of their local market.

True experts in their local areas

To be accepted, agents must have in-depth knowledge of their local housing market. This experience is why TAN members sell 9 out of 10 homes in their communities.

Access to exclusive market intelligence

TAN members exchange private market intelligence with other top agents in their area. That means members are the first to know about new off-MLS listings, motivated buyers and more.

TAN agents ensure you won't miss out on your dream home or ideal buyer

That's because they use exclusive sales tools & market intelligence not available to 90% of real estate agents.

Find your uniquely perfect house by viewing 'hidden' property listings

TAN agents give you access to off-MLS properties that can only be found on the private Top Agent Network. That way, you can be confident you've seen absolutely all the homes that match their exact criteria.

Sell for the best possible price with fewer headaches along the way

Because TAN members are able to market your home directly to their fellow top agents, you only get the most qualified, motivated buyers looking at your property. That means you’re able to sell your home faster and with less hassle -- while still getting the best possible price.

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